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Love for tradition; passion for quality; attention to customer needs. These are the key words that have always encouraged our philosophy which respects the ice cream tradition of Pizzo that, thanks to the incomparable creativity of its masters, has been named “Ice Cream City”. The care in the preparation and the selection of premium quality ingredients give the ice creams of Pizzo a unique taste and a rich and creamy consistence. Gelateria Callipo thrives to offer these truly artesian, exclusive and genuine ice-creams, which remind us of the extraordinary taste of the recipes of a time gone by, to both domestic and foreign markets.


Unique selling points:

  • The use of High Quality Italian fresh milk and cream, provided by selected local dairy farms;
  • The choice of raw materials obtained in their lands of origin: Italian hazelnuts, sheep ricotta from Calabria, dried Dottati figs from Valle del Crati in Calabria, liquorice from Calabria, lemon from Sicily ...;
  • Very high percentages of pure paste, purees and juices of Italian origin;
  • A very low overrun of air and the absence of GMO ingredients and hydrogenated fats
  • An intense and natural flavor, typical of handcrafted gelato;
  • A wide range of Gluten free, lactose free and vegans products.



Gelateria Callipo is very aware about the needs of its consumers, because of this it has chosen to dedicate its attention also to those who may have to follow a particular diet, balancing health and the pleasure for authentic flavours. By modifying some of its production processes, Gelateria Callipo has created a specific product range ideal for those who are gluten intolerant. The “GLUTEN FREE” range is for those who do not want to give up a healthy sweet, with the genuine and tasty flavour of an ice cream prepared with meticulously selected ingredients, and high quality fresh Italian milk.

gluten free

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