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Amore per la tradizione, passione per la qualità, attenzione alle esigenze del consumatore.

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Registered office: Via Riviera Prangi, 156 – 89812 Pizzo (VV)
Registered capital: € 25.500,00 i. v. – Tax Identification No. and Register of Companies of Vibo Valentia No.: 02143500797
Company managed and coordinated by Callipo Group S.r.l.


Directive 95/46/EC dated 24 October 2005 – regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data;
Directive 2002/58/EC – regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector;
Legislative decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 – “Code for the protection of personal data”
This document describes the management standards for the site concerning the processing of the personal data of users that consult it.

Specifically, it is an informative report provided as per article 13 of legislative degree 196/2003.

Callipo Gelateria S.r.l. respects and holds dear the privacy of each of its visitors. Related personal data will be processed in accordance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and for the protection of their confidentiality and rights.

Please be informed of the following:

The data “controller” is Callipo Gelateria S.r.l., which has its registered office at Via Riviera Prangi, 156 – 89812 Pizzo (VV) – VAT No. 02143500797. The list of persons in charge can be consulted at the office;
The data security officer is the Director of the Company’s operating office.
Please also be informed that for these services we call upon companies trusted by us, which carry out tasks of a technical and organisational nature on our behalf. These Companies are our direct collaborators and perform specific data controller duties. The list of such companies is kept constantly updated and can be consulted easily and free-of-charge by sending a written request to the following address: Callipo Gelateria S.r.l – GRUPPO CALLIPO – UFFICIO PRIVACY – S.S. 110 KM 1,6 – 89843 MAIERATO (VV) or by emailing:
Your permission is not required for the processing of personal generic data for purposes strictly connected with the services provided by the Company and requested by you for the recording or insertion of your data onto the database.

Any generic personal data (hereafter: “Data”) freely provided by you will be duly processed so as to enable you both to make use of the Services and/or Content and/or Products provided by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l, which has its operating office at Riviera Prangi, 156 – 89812 Pizzo ( VV) – VAT No. 02143500797, and by other affiliated sites belonging to the Companies in the Callipo Group:

Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari SpA (

Callipo Group srl (

Popilia srl (

Callipo Sport srl (

and to receive commercial communications such as newsletters, informative and/or promotional emails, including:

Subscription to the newsletter, with an indication of preferred sectors;

On-line product and gift item purchase requests;

Electronic payments via protected channels;

The sending of curricula;

Event Organisation/Bookings;

Information requests;

Bookings on-line.

The provision of such data is compulsory for the purposes of accessing classified parts of the site(s) and, consequently, making use of the Services and/or Contents and/or Products. The refusal to provide such data could make it impossible to make use of the Services and Products offered by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l. It is optional, however, for the purpose of receiving promotional and commercial offers, including personalised ones, and for the circulation of generic personal data on the site.

In compliance with the regulations in force and, in particular, article 11 of legislative decree 196/03 and the authorisations issued by the Guarantor, the data is processed using both automated tools and paper materials by persons placed in charge for this purpose and data supervisors, who are suitably trained, informed, and identified at all times. Certain processing operations can be carried out by third parties in charge of processing duties on behalf of Callipo Gelateria S.r.l. The data are processed at the operating office of the Company Callipo Gelateria S.r.l – GRUPPO CALLIPO – UFFICIO PRIVACY – S.S. 110 KM 1,6 – 89843 MAIERATO (VV), by parties responsible for the processing, and are kept at the Company headquarters.

Through the adoption of all security measures (minimum, eligible, new, with integrated security) the data being processed will be stored in such a way as to minimise the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data, and of non-authorised access or unconsented processing and/or not in conformity with the purposes of the data collection.

Details of the data processors and controllers can be obtained by sending an email to: privacy@callipogroup.comor, to exercise one’s rights, write to: Callipo Gelateria S.r.l – GRUPPO CALLIPO – UFFICIO PRIVACY – S.S. 110 KM 1,6 – 89843 MAIERATO (VV) Tel: +39.0963.9962254- Fax: +39.0963.9962145.

Callipo Gelateria S.r.l states precisely that it does not profile its users, wherein profiling denotes the process by which it is possible to identify the user’s presence, as manifested by his or her navigations on the website and/or other internet sites managed by the company, as well as navigations towards linked sites.
Callipo Gelateria S.r.l adopts a system (Google Analytics) based on the analysis of the User’s access data exclusively for the purposes of acquiring anonymous statistics on the consultation of the website, to check it is functionally correctly, using geographical and territorial origin as a reference, rather than the identification of the User’s IP.
The data could be used to establish liability in cases of hypothetical computer offences that damage the website: barring this eventuality, presently, data on web contacts do not last more than seven days. Callipo Gelateria S.r.l also specifies that it does not use automatic systems for the collection of user data, such as web beacons and cookies.
No user personal data are purchased from the site.
No cookies are used for the transmission of personal information, nor is any use made of any type of permanent cookie or user tracking system. The use of so-called session cookies (which are not memorised permanently on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of sessional identification codes (consisting of casual numbers generated by the server) necessary to ensure the safe and efficient navigation of the site. The session cookies used on this site avoid recourse to other information techniques which could be detrimental to the confidentiality of users’ navigation and do not permit the acquisition of user personal identification data.

The supplying of personal data by the user in registration forms on this site results in the subsequent acquisition of the data provided by the sender, which are required for the provision of the service and in order to implement operations related to the authorisation, activation and personalisation of accesses to the various areas and related content of the website.
What is more, Callipo Gelateria S.r.l gathers the data required to carry out all contractual obligations assumed towards its Clients and deriving from product orders, information requests, gift item and product deliveries, and the spontaneous sending of curricula vitae.
The execution of these obligations necessarily results in more parties having access to these data, for example personnel in charge of operational and commercial duties at Callipo Gelateria S.r.l, as well as employees of third-party companies responsible for providing related services. Callipo Gelateria S.r.l uses the persona data gathered on-line for the purposes of offering products and services, controlling the authorised accesses system in order to monitor data security, and evaluating work proposals forwarded by candidates (CV); only upon a specific request by the interested party, through a registration form on-line, via a paper form or the spontaneous sending of information to Callipo Gelateria S.r.l, the latter submits offers of a commercial nature, customer satisfaction surveys, and may promote marketing initiatives through its own “Newsletter” or through other possible initiatives activated through the use of tools and techniques to that end.
As data “controller”, “Callipo Gelateria S.r.l confirms that the data in question will be processed and used exclusively for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

It is obligatory to provide the data in fields marked with an asterisk in the Form in order to make use of the Services and/or Content and/or Products offered by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l through the site. The provision of any data not marked with an asterisk is optional. Even if Callipo Gelateria S.r.l does not as a rule process “sensitive” personal data, generic data requested or any data that might be considered to be sensitive will be processed in accordance with legislative decree 196/03 and the Authorisations issued by the Guarantor. Such data, required for the sole purpose of providing the service requested by the registered user, are processed in classified sections of the website and can be accessed only after registration and a digital authentication process is complete. At the company premises, they are processed by persons responsible for the processing procedure.
Callipo Gelateria S.r.l is able to offer a number of work opportunities, such as training periods, professional collaborations and part-time or seasonal work, also for minors. To this end, minors must provide Callipo Gelateria S.r.l with some personal data. The Company will then be able to process the minor’s personal data through the portal and can accept their registration only if their parent or legal guardian has provided their express consent in this regard.

Through the site, the Company will disclose personal data gathered to third parties only for such purposes as are strictly connected to the services it provides and if requested by law and by the competent control, inspection and verification authorities. It should be noted, therefore, that in order to carry out our activities, which are always directed at the services provided, it may be necessary to transfer your generic personal data to certain foreign countries, including the United States. The Company may provide partners with data concerning access to the various areas of the site and its use by users and clients taken as a whole, for purely statistical purposes, but they still constitute generic data. Clients’ data can be communicated to professionals and companies conducting accounting and fiscal management activities on behalf of the company, to third-party companies for the execution of contractual obligations, and to banking institutes for the management of payments deriving from the performance of the contract. It should also be noted that the site can also be accessed via other sites that contain a link connection.

No data resulting from the web service shall be transferred. Your data shall not be transferred abroad unless necessary to enable you to make use of the Services and/or Contents and/r Products offered by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l and as requested by you.
The data will be processed by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l, by persons specifically responsible for the processing, also in outsourcing.
Callipo Gelateria S.r.l may amend data, as well as any further information relating to the User where it deems, in good faith, such an action to be necessary in order to:

Safeguard the interests of Callipo Gelateria S.r.l and/or other associated companies and/or parent companies and/or third parties;

Comply with legal prescriptions or with the measures prescribed by any competent authority;

In addition to the above, support the competent police authorities in the suppression of offences brought about via the internet by one or more users, also but not necessarily through the use of the Services and/or when the use of said Services has been in some way instrumental to the committing of any type of offence;

To invoke its rights in any office, state, level and erga omnes;

To defend itself against contestations by third parties who maintain that any action and/or omission on the part of the user, or else brought about through the Services and/or together with the use of said Services violates their rights.

You can, at any point in time, exercise your rights as set out in article 7 of legislative decree 196/03, as indicated here below:

The interested party shall have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning the same party, even if not yet recorded, and its communication to this effect in an intelligible form.

The interested party has the right to obtain information on:
a. The origin of the personal data;
b. The purposes and methods of processing;
c. The logic applied when the processing is carried out using electronic instruments;
d. The details of the controller, supervisor and representative appointed under article 5, subparagraph 2;
e. The subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may learn about it, as appointed representative in the State, supervisors or people in charge of data.

The interested party has the right to obtain:
a. Data updates, corrections and integrations, when these are in the interest of the same;
b. The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
c. The certification that the operations set out under letters a) and b) above and their contents have been notified to those to whom the data were communicated or distributed, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves the use of means which are clearly disproportionate to the protected right.

The interested party has the right to object, in whole or in part, to:
a. The processing of its personal data, even if relevant to the purpose of the collection, for legitimate reasons;
b. The processing of its personal data for the purpose of sending out advertising material, direct selling, or for conducting market research or commercial communications.

The Privacy Policy of the site of Callipo Gelateria S.r.l may be updated and/or modified, also for the purpose of receiving and/or complying with national, Community and international legislations or to conform to technological innovations. Any updates and/or modifications that are made to this Privacy Policy will be published on this webpage and will be made visible at all times through the hyperlink on the Callipo Gelateria S.r.l sites, so as to keep interested parties fully informed about the use of their personal data provided through the website owned by Callipo Gelateria S.r.l. Users are advised to consult this Policy each time they visit a website of Callipo Gelateria S.r.l


  1. For the purposes of this agreement:
    a) “Processing” means any operation or set of operations, with or without electronic instruments, relating to the data collection, such as: recording, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasure or destruction of data, even if not recorded in a database;
    b) “Personal data” means any information concerning a natural person, legal person, body or association, that is identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number;
    c) “Identification data”: personal data permitting the direct identification of the interested party;
    d) “Sensitive data”: personal data capable of revealing the racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, adhesion to parties, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political or trade union associations or organisations, as well as personal data capable of revealing their state of health and sexual life;
    e) “Judicial data”: personal data capable of revealing measures stated under article 3, subparagraph 1, letters a) to 0) and r) to u) of Presidential Decree No. 313 dated 14 November 2002, concerning criminal records, the register of administrative sanctions connected to criminal acts and related pending proceedings, or the status of accused or suspect as per articles 60 and 61 of the Code of Criminal Procedure:
    f) “Controller” means the natural person, legal person, public authority, and any other body, association or organism which alone, or with another controller, determines the purposes and methods of the processing of personal data and the instruments used, including the security profile;
    g) “Supervisor” means the natural or legal person, public authority or any other body, association or organism which processes the personal data on behalf of the controller;
    h) “Person in charge” means the natural persons authorised, by the controller or supervisor, to carry out processing operations;
    i) “Interested party” means the natural or legal person, body or association to whom the personal data refer;
    l) “Communication” means any form of disclosure of the personal data to one or more subjects other than the interested party, the representative of the controller in the state, the supervisor and the persons in charge, with or without their provision or consultation;
    m) “Dissemination”: any form of disclosure of the personal data to unspecified subjects, with or without their provision or consultation;
    n) “Depersonalised data”: data which in its original form, or after processing, cannot be associated with any identified or identifiable interested party;
    o) “Blocking” means the storage of personal data with temporary suspension of any other processing operation;
    p) “Database” means any organised set of personal data, distributed in one or more units in one or more sites;
    q) “Guarantor” means the authority stated under article 153 as per Law No. 675 dated 31 December 1996.


  1. Consent is not required, except in the cases stated in Part II, when the processing:
    a) is necessary in order to comply with an obligation stipulated by law, a regulation or Community legislation;
    b) is necessary in order to perform obligations resulting from a contract involving the interested party, or to comply with specific requests by the interested party, before the conclusion of the contract;
    c) concerns data from public registers, lists, acts or documents that can be viewed by anyone, within the limits and methods set out by laws, regulations and Community legislation for the access and advertising of data;
    d) concerns data relating to the execution of economic activities, processed in compliance with current regulations regarding business and industrial secrecy;
    e) is necessary in order to safeguard the life or physical integrity of a third party. If this purpose concerns the interested party and the latter is unable to offer its consent because it is physically impossible to do so, or because not in full possession of his or her mental faculties, consent can be provided by the person possessing legal authority, or by a next of kin, family member, cohabitant, or, in their absence, by the person in charge of the interested party’s place of residence. The provisions set out under article 82, subparagraph 2 shall apply;
    f) is necessary, excluding dissemination, for the purpose of conducting defensive investigations as per law no. 397 dated 7 December 2000 or to invoke or defend a right judicially, provided that the data are processed for these purposes only and for the period of time that is strictly necessary to this end, in compliance with current regulations concerning business and industrial secrecy;
    g) is necessary, excluding dissemination, in cases identified by the Guarantor on the basis of principles confirmed by law, in order to pursue a legitimate interest on the part of the controller or a third-party recipient of the data, also in relation to the activities of banking groups or subsidiary or associated companies, unless the fundamental freedoms and rights, dignity or legitimate interests of the interested party prevail;
    h) excluding external communications and dissemination, is conducted by non-profit making associations, bodies or organisations, even if unrecognised, with regards to subjects who are members or in regular contact with the same, for determined and legitimate purposes set out in the articles of association, the statute or the collective agreement, and using methods expressly stated and settled with the interested parties through the informative report as per article 13;
    i) is necessary, in compliance with the relevant code of conduct provided in Attachment A), for solely scientific or statistical purposes, or for solely historical purposes at private archives with a noteworthy historical interest as per article 6, subparagraph 2, legislative decree no. 490 dated 29 October 1999, for the approval of the consolidating act concerning cultural or environmental heritage or as per said codes, at other private archives.


    CALLIPO GELATERIA Srl, seated in Via Riviera Prangi 156 – 89812 Pizzo (VV), active in the production of ice cream, has identified as strategic goals the satisfaction of consumers and of commercial partners, with the realization of products which comply with market expectations, the reduction of the risk of pollution and other environmental harm caused by productive processes and the improvement of all its business procedures. CALLIPO GELATERIA commits to promoting the bond between the values of tradition, passion for quality, respect for the environment, commitment to developing its territory, in an atmosphere of reciprocal respect and attention towards its staff, clients and suppliers.

    The compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, and the adoption of the present Environmental and Quality Policy, express the commitment of the Management to obtain the previously mentioned goals.

    In particular, the Management of CALLIPO GELATERIA commits to:

    Developing and spreading in all the organization a culture towards Quality and respect for the Environment and the Territory, throughout activities of training and awareness dedicated to its staff;

    Consolidating with all its clients profitable and long-term relationships, supplying products which comply with present laws, safe from a hygienic-sanitary point of view, and able to satisfy substainable expectations relative to costs;

    Develop a sense of responsibility in its suppliers and measure their capacity to supply, throughout time, raw materials with the expected quality;

    Make its staff a part of the process of continuous improvement of quality and environmental performances, evaluating the changes to be proposed to update processes, procedures and installations;

    Clearly define the roles and responsibilities within the organization, and give its staff the possibility to express and develop their own capabilities;

    Assign congruous economical resources for the adjustment of the existing installations to keep them aligned with the best available technologies, so as to continuously improve its quality and environmental standards.

    The Management commits to spreading and explaining the above mentioned policy to all the interested parties, and invites all its Managers and staff, within their own responsibilities, to respect the prescriptions defined in the Environmental and Quality Manual, and its Management Procedures and Operative Instructions.

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